Four years off my blogg and I’m back!!

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I have decided to start my blogg up again. My life has changed so much ever since I wrote my last blogg. Anything from my oldest moving to Seattle, WA, to work as a successful glassblower artist,


my middle child coming out to us and telling us he is now a SHE,


to my youngest (my singing TBI child) deciding to study in South Korea this fall.



My husband changing work, and to myself, who has now done two more Ironman since, and the last one was Ironman Louisville, where I placed second in my age group. (and no I did not make Kona, I have to win my age group).

And finally I believe I have found my life purpose. That is to give service, support, help and love to people who wants it. I’m a entrepreneur, and I have always been, but it’s first now I realize I can pursue my dream by focus and change my mindset to a positive lifestyle and wealth. More to come.

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