Bio: Moving to Colorado from Sweden and learning to swim, bike and run was a turning-point in my life. With no athletic background, I started competing in triathlons in my 40’s. A late start in life has not stopped me from being successful and competitive. I'm married to a very supporting husband, and I'm a proud mom of three lovely young men. Today I have competed in 45+ sprints/olympic distances several 70.3 and 4 IM 140.6. My final goal is to qualify for Kona Worlds!! 😀 Jeannete emigrated from Sweden in 2000. She's a mother of three wonderful young men. She became a triathlon enthusiast when first introduced to the sport upon moving to Colorado. Today she has done 45+ sprints and Olympic triathlon races, several 70.3 triathlons, age-group placed in several races and qualified for Nationals. 4x Full IronMan (140.6) and is registered for her fifth in August, 2016, IMKalmar, Sweden. Moreover, she have done numerous run races, bike events and bike century rides. "Triathlon has changed my life. I’m now a much fitter, healthier and happier person than I’ve ever been. I have been naturally drawn into the coaching world since I love to help and encourage others pursue fitness, whether it’s into the triathlon world or personal training. It has become my passion. I think a coach should be a good communicator and a good listener, and I believe a coach has several responsibilities towards the client: to be committed, to develop trust, to care for the athlete, and to perform in a professional matter. After all, the athlete trusts that the coach will help her pursue and achieve her goals."

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