The brain works wonderful ways!!

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I’m doing some great selfdiscovery about the subconcious and concious mind and I’m finding it fascinating. 😊Right now I’m reading the Power of your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. I’m in a part of where he writes about how our mind can heal our body. How you tell yourself how good you feel and not doubting that you will be healed. it reminded me of my youngest son,  Dustin, who suffered a severe TBI (traumatic brain injury) four years ago. He’s a singer and musician and he healed himself later with music. The book is about controlling your mindset towards positive outcome and erase all negative doubts and fear.  With that mindset there is no limit to the prosperity, happiness and peace of mind. Anyhow, good book. The other day I had a conversation with Dustin and he had a wonderful perspective on the matter. ❤️🙌 He said: 

“The brain is like a suitcase- it can only hold a certain amount of thoughts. If everything is filled with negative thoughts- What do you think will happen when you open that suitcase?

Fill it with positive and powerful thoughts!!” 


I have a such a wise kid. It made my day, I know he is on his way to a prosperous life and so am I. 😀

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