The brain works wonderful ways!!

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I’m doing some great selfdiscovery about the subconcious and concious mind and I’m finding it fascinating. 😊Right now I’m reading the Power of your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. I’m in a part of where he writes about how our mind can heal our body. How you tell yourself how good you feel and not doubting that you will be healed. it reminded me of my youngest son,  Dustin, who suffered a severe TBI (traumatic brain injury) four years ago. He’s a singer and musician and he healed himself later with music. The book is about controlling your mindset towards positive outcome and erase all negative doubts and fear.  With that mindset there is no limit to the prosperity, happiness and peace of mind. Anyhow, good book. The other day I had a conversation with Dustin and he had a wonderful perspective on the matter. ❤️🙌 He said: 

“The brain is like a suitcase- it can only hold a certain amount of thoughts. If everything is filled with negative thoughts- What do you think will happen when you open that suitcase?

Fill it with positive and powerful thoughts!!” 


I have a such a wise kid. It made my day, I know he is on his way to a prosperous life and so am I. 😀

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Happy New Year 2014!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 ALL!! I’m soo ready to start a new chapter of my life!! Dustin wrote a song “Bad things happens to good people” few months before his nearly fatal longboard accident on October 26th, but I think this New year will show that good things happens too!!

Tuesday December 31th, 2013 Dustin recovery. “Chapter 3” at Home

Best Christmas ever, don’t you agree Dustin? We spent Christmas Eve with few close friends and family. We ate and danced around the Christmas tree and Santa came as usual for our swedish celebration. You did real well and enjoyed the evening. At one point one of the small kids screamed so loud that you got a headache, but you said you wanted to lay down for a bit and after one hour you were fine again. At midnight, Adam, Phillip and I went to cheer Todd off for his 24 hour run pledge for you baby.

Christmas morning we all woke up and had a calm morning eating breakfast and opening gifts at home. Then we headed to Wash Park to see Todd. You were in such a good spirit. I wheeled you around in a wheelchair so you had a chance to talk to Todd, who at this time had hit the 50 miles mark and was walking brisk. The 9News came and interviewed you, it went real well. Todd ended up finish 80 miles, that’s three marathons distances, wow!

It’s been a week since you came home and you are now having therapy at home and are getting stronger for every day. When you first came home you could barely walk up the stairs and now you walk with confidence. Your balance is still off so I’m with you every step you take. You and I do some great morning stretches together and I massage lightly your feet, which are still very sore, but now it’s muscle soreness and not neurological. Sometimes you move on your hands and knees when you need something instead of waiting for me. This morning I found you in the bathroom, it scared me for a moment but you are very good about wearing your helmet. I call it being self sufficient.

You really like your home care therapists. The occupational therapist makes you play the piano and the guitar and play games. PT gives you great exercises to practice at home too. We are still waiting for your speech therapist to come over. She is the one who will work with your brain so you get stronger mentally and you can start school work.

It will be some time before you can visit your school, but just hang in there baby and progress as good as you do, and you’ll be there.

We found out today you need to see the neural surgeon before we can book for your surgery. So it’s still another month out. Once your skull is back in your mobility will change drastically I’m sure of.

It is still a long road ahead of us, but the road is getting less bumpy baby. I can see the end of the tunnel already.  I feel so blessed you are with us for the New year and for rest of your life! I love you so, so much!! Happy New Year, 2014!